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The feature packed

mobile shower trolley

Barella is a mobile shower trolley offering safer patient transfers and easier showering. It’s available in 3 models to suit your needs – and with a wide range of features.


  • Improved patient care
  • Safer transfers
  • Reduced staff injuries
  • Better showering conditions
  • Adult, child & heavy duty models available


  • Extremely stable platform
  • Anti-corrosion process suitable for the toughest environments
  • Generous platform size
  • Very strong stainless steel side rails
  • Can be used as a shallow bath if required
  • Adjustable height 610mm – 1000mm
  • Single handed plug operation
  • Hygienic shower hose design
  • 3 Year Warranty

Barella Adult
Shower trolley - BR32

Perfect for both transfers and patient showering with a weight capacity of 180kg. The chassis is treated for corrosion resistance and guarantees stability at every working height. Many options are available on this model including a choice of hydraulic or electric powered, so it’s easy to create the perfect trolley for you.

Barella Paediatric
Shower trolley - BR31

The Barella paediatric shower trolley is built to the same quality as the standard size model but designed around the smaller user. With a smaller chassis, and a reduced weight capacity, the paediatric model accommodates children and small adults within a compact footprint.

Barella Heavy Duty
Shower trolley - BR33

The Barella Heavy Duty shower trolley can be used for both transport and showering and has a weight capacity of 225kg. It's twin electric actuators combine to provide effortless lifting and platform tilt to help make everyday caring easier. A detachable battery pack provides power whilst the trolley is moved around.

Why buy Barella?

  • Height adjustable platform
    Stable lifting platform

    Protects carer from back injuries

  • castors
    Easy braking

    Provides extra manoeuvrability

  • Folding side rail
    Folding side rail

    Provides maximum safety for user and easy access

  • special anti-corrosion frame
    Stainless steel safety rail

    For longer durability in wet rooms

Features & Options

  • Castors
    Standard Castors

    Individual braking and directional lock castors.

  • Central Braking Castors
    Central Braking Castors

    Central braking with directional lock castors.

  • End Rail
    Fixed Safety Rails

    Fixed safety rails at the head and foot.

  • Adjustable Backrest
    Adjustable Backrest

    Allows the backrest to be raised up to a 63° angle.

  • pedal
    Hydraulic Height Adjustment

    Hydraulic models have control pedals on both sides.

  • Handset
    Electric Handset Height Adjustment

    On electric models height is controlled with a handset.


  • Spare Battery
    Spare Battery

    Help prevent interruptions during use.

  • Semi Cylindrical Pillow
    Semi Cylindrical Pillow

    Dimensions: 55cm x 15cm x 7cm

  • Wedge Pillow
    Wedge Pillow

    Pillow with 15° tilt 55cm x 55cm x 142cm.

  • Head Support
    Extended Head Support

    Support the users head when the backrest is raised. The extension is locked into position once the backrest has cleared the endrail.

  • Electric Pedal
    Height Adjustment Electric Pedal

    Aternative option for electric height adjustment.

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