SSKIN - a tool to manage and prevent pressure damage

SSKIN is a five step approach to preventing and treating pressure ulcers.

The SSKIN Care Bundle is a powerful tool as it defines and ties best practices together. The bundle also makes the actual process of preventing pressure ulcers visible to all. This minimises variation in care practices.


A process is a series of actions which are required in order to achieve the desired outcome (such as a reduction in the number of pressure ulcers). Reliably delivering all elements of the care bundle at every care opportunity, will improve the pressure area care that a person receives. This will have an impact on improving care outcomes.

These are the five steps that make up SSKIN:

  • Surface: make sure your patients have the right support

  • Skin inspection: early inspection means early detection - show patients and carers what to look for

  • Keep your patients moving

  • Incontinence/moisture: your patients need to be clean and dry

  • Nutrition/hydration: help patients have the right diet and plenty of fluids


Download the SSKIN poster here!

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