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A bespoke seating solution

using the most up-to-date technology.

BOSS is a seating solution which matches the shape of the seat to support exactly the shape of the user. Using digital technology, BOSS can produce an image of a users posture, sitting or lying, and translate that into a custom-produced solution in foam or ABS plastic.


  • Digitally produced — accurate and transferable
  • Range of materials to choose from
  • Soft foam or ABS Plastic moulds depending on usage
  • Digital Drape Upholstery
  • AQUAstitch waterproof stitching


  • Digitally stored — easy to reproduce
  • Pre-manufacture visualisation
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • 3 week turnaround*
  • Interface with numerous chassis
  • Assessment report (non-clinical)


Digital Assessments

Our digital assessment process offers an easy visualisation of your new seating solution before computer aided manufacturing begins.

Lounge chairs

BOSS is ideally suited to the creation of bespoke support within soft seating solutions.

Using the highest quality FR Crib 5 foams, covered with materials chosen for their particular qualities, BOSS can deliver a solution which is superlatively comfortable whilst being visually striking.

Combining with market-leading and respected seating chassis, BOSS can provide a result which is truly liberating.

Shower chairs

A moulded shower seating solution which can fit correctly, offers support, comfort and safety right where you need it.

Using our digital technique and honed manufacturing skills we can create an accurate seating shell from ABS plastic well known for its properties in impact resistance and toughness. It also delivers when it comes to withstanding both acids and alkalis.

The ABS shell is lined with a layer of Evazote® foam covered with neoprene for comfort and edge-bonded for resilience.


When you need more support in your active mobility product, BOSS can furnish you with an exceptional solution that looks the part as well. Working with proprietary frames from leading manufacturers, BOSS can provide you with a bespoke seating system which really excels.

Using any one of a variety of chassis a BOSS support can be produced in foam or ABS plastic with a choice of fabrics or vinyl upholstery. With BOSS we can produce solutions that fit the smallest and the largest users.

Features & Options

  • Digital Assessment
    Digital Assessment

    Our digital assessment creates a bespoke map of the user or patient. A computer aided manufacturing process uses the digital file to create an accurate moulded seating solution. The digital workflow means we can supply rapid re-makes in the event of a damaged chair or create moulds to fit a second chassis.

  • Digital Drape Upholstery
    Digital Drape Upholstery

    Digital Drape Upholstery is the most accurate form of upholstery, allowing the fabric to follow the curves of a form without deforming the shape by excess surface tension. This allows the upholstery to cover the shape accurately without being detrimental to the form.

  • AQUAstitch

    By choosing AQUAstitch, our revolutionary new waterproof stitching, your BOSS postural support will be ready for any kind of use. Whether in the wet room or dealing with those liquid accidents you can rely on AQUAstitch to protect the form of the seat and the investment in it.

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