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GoLift Ceiling Hoist

GoLift Ceiling Hoist

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Product Information

The GoLift is an ideal ceiling lift/hoist system designed for routine transfers of patients.

For a market leading, aesthetically pleasing overhead hoist system, you need to look no further. The GoLift overhead hoist boasts excellent design features that will benefit users anywhere, whether in a private dwelling, changing places location, school or care home environment.

The GoLift, which has recently won a Bronze award (Healthcare Design 2017), combines compact design with easy maintenance and flexibility. An example of this is that the hoist can be specified with its own GoLift track, or retro fitted to other manufacturers track; this is a huge benefit if you are looking to upgrade your hoist units without having to carry out extensive work.

The slimline design means you get more lifting height, which is ideal in areas with limited ceiling heights.

When you look under the cover of the compact GoLift unit, you will find an impressive set of all metal gears and state-of-the-art battery technology that allow the caregiver to safely, and effortlessly, transfer a patient weighing up to 50st on a single lift. For larger patients, you may combine two compact GoLift 700 systems to obtain a lifting capacity of 72st.


Here are some of the benefits to the GoLift Product

  • GoLift is compatible with other manufacturers tracks – including Arjo, Guldmann, Liko, Prism and Joerns, meaning you can upgrade without changing your track system.
  • Smallest ceiling hoist on the market, giving additional lift height and aesthetically pleasing finish – and weighs as little as 4.8kg!
  • Three weight capacities – 28st, 50st and 72st (Tandem Lift)
  • Hygienic design
  • Capacitive touch handset – makes it much easier for users with limited use of their hands
  • Very easy maintenance – saving time and money
  • In track charging option
  • All metal gears, for longevity and reliability
  • Different track options, including bends, gate systems and three depths to allow longer spans.
  • GoLift track can also be recessed or inset into your ceilings – speak to an advisor for further details.

You can see the GoLift installed on our recent blog post - click here.

To obtain a quotation or arrange an onsite assessment call our team on 0845 658 8411.


Technical Specification


  GoLift 400 GoLift 700 GoLift 1000
SWL (kg/st) 181 / 28.5 317 / 50 453 / 72
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 197 x 197 x 108 197 x 197 x 108 394 x 197 x 108
Unit weight 3.5kg 4.5kg 9kg (Tandem lift)
Strap Length 214cm 214cm 214cm


Lifts per Charge (Duty 10/90): 

  • 375 with 84kg (185 lbs), (25% of strap at midrange)*
  • 170 with 181kg (400 lbs), (25% of strap at midrange)*
  • 102 with 317kg (700 lbs), (25% of strap at midrange)*
  • Charging time: 2-4 Hours
    *Calculated using 5Ah Packs
Max Lifting Speed:
  • No load: 2 inches (50.8 mm)/second
  • 68kg (150 lbs): 1.3 inches (33.02 mm)/second
  • 181kg (400 lbs): 1 inch (25.4 mm)/second
  • 317kg (700 lbs): 1 inch (25.4 mm)/second
  • 453kg (1000 lbs): 1 inch (25.4 mm)/second
  • High Capacity, Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-Mh)
  • Standard: 2 x 14.4V (2Ah)
  • Optional: 2 x 14.4V (3.3 Ah) or (5 Ah)


Track Span Chart - in cm

Any track must have a minimum of 3 brackets

Lift SWL (kg) Regular Track Double Track Triple Track
181 234 378 665
317 152 269 480
453 112 236 421



  • Emergency Stop
  • Emergency Lowering Device
  • Upper Limit Detection
  • Lower Limit Detection
  • Slack Tape Sensor
  • Free Fall Brake (over speed governor)
  • Low Battery and Dead Battery Alarms
  • Soft Start and Stop
  • Overload Protection
  • Emergency Manual Lowering
  • Capacitive Hand Control
  • Tested to: ISO 10535-06, CE

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