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ProfiloSmart - the smart choice for flexible bathroom environments

Providing a system that balances the effects of reduced mobility, thanks to the ProfiloSmart wall track which allows products to be moved in different directions.

The wall track exceeds expectations with its hinged cover, creating a product which is easy to keep clean. The plastic and foam components of our system also have anti-bacterial properties, reducing the transfer of harmful organisms.

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Profilo Smart

ProfiloSmart Rail Cover Lifter
Profilo Smart Height and sideways-adjustable Lift-Up Arm Support, rail mounted
Profilo Smart Height-adjustable Lift-Up Arm Support, wall mounted
ProfiloSmart Lift-Up Arm Support, wall mounted
SmartRail Shower Seat & Backrest, Height adjustable, wall mounted
SmartRail Wall track and cover

I recently worked with Wealden Rehab to adapt a small bungalow into a lifetime home for a profoundly disabled young adult. Generally with projects like this, you end up with a care environment that has a stereotypical ‘disabled’ look. Working with Wealden Rehab, we achieved something rare – a functional, practical space that looks and feels like a proper home. 

The Site Manager, Case Manager, Occupational Therapist and Wealden Rehab consulted from the start of the project and throughout the build, ensuring installation processes ran smoothly and potential problems were identified early and avoided. The user is now benefiting from high-quality, modern and stylish equipment that effectively meets his needs.

Care equipment design and installation is a specialist service, and there are many providers on the market. As an OT, it’s not always easy to choose. Having achieved such a high-quality result on this project – and having such confidence in Wealden Rehab’s timely and efficient aftersales services – I look forward to working with them in future.

Working with Wealden Rehab- Independent OT, South East

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