Our Strategy - The show must go on!

Given the speed at which this unprecedented situation is developing globally, we have sought to develop a policy and a strategy that is responsible and pragmatic. The expectations of our customers have always been high, and we have no intention of letting our customers down.

Our overarching policy dealing with the protection of our customers, our staff and our community can be downloaded here.

However, our key focus is to minimise as far as possible any disruption to the flow of goods and services which are required by our customers. Although we find ourselves in uncharted waters, every one of our staff is committed to delivering the exceptional service that we are known for.

In this regard we will continue to develop the way we can help our customers and updates will be posted here on a regular basis.

24 March 2020

Following the further restrictions announced by the Government last evening, all of our office and sales staff will be working from home from today.

Some equipment installations will be proceeding according to the urgency of need and ability of the location to provide the necessary isolation and protection for our staff.

Equipment such as shower chairs, shower trolleys, and pressure care seating is still being assembled and despatched.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone, email or online chat

23 March 2020

Many of our staff are now working from home. We have deployed extra resources to enable them to carry out their work effectively, but many will be providing childcare simultaneously and therefore will require extra time to respond to actions.

Due to the Italian government restrictions on factory production and shipping until 3rd April, some of our supply chains will be disrupted for the immediate future. Please be free to check if your orders are affected.

19 March 2020

Some staff members are now working from home, and following school closures, more staff will be doing so from Monday 23rd March. This may lead to increased response times on email or telephone. 

Our telephone system is digital and can be deployed remotely - this should result in a more-or-less seamless transition, but we will be reliant on broadband/mobile signals in a domestic setting.

17 March 2020

Assessments, Deliveries, and Installations

We will now be calling each pre-existing appointment to check if the face-to-face contact is acceptable to our client, and to evaluate the potential impact on our staff members.

Deliveries: Where required, we will arrange for distanced deliveries. This will involve our customer allocating a vacant room/space in which to deliver the goods. Our staff can then exit the building whilst our client can inspect the goods and sign the paperwork. Our staff can then collect the paperwork and exit the building. We appreciate that this will be a time-consuming process, and we will continue to evaluate the procedure to see if improvements can be made.

Assessments: We have identified that this process is the most contact-heavy, and brings a layer of unwanted risk to all parties. To this end, we will be encouraging conversations around the viability of face-to-face appointments, especially where vulnerable persons are concerned. The following steps have been taken:

  • All sales staff have been issued disinfectant for both personal use and for their demonstration equipment
  • Distance assessments can be arranged using a telephone, or a video platform. We currently use Whatsapp, Zoom, and Skype. We have a conference TV with an HD conference camera for use by the sales team in order to assist with assessments, demonstration or training requirements
  • Our assessment forms can be downloaded and used to create a specification.
  • We can arrange for stock equipment to be shipped to an address for evaluation with a client. A prior conversation will have taken place to discuss the specification. We undertake to support AHP's with the adjustment of the equipment to best suit our client, using telephone or video conferencing apps as above. If the equipment is clearly not suitable, and cannot be made suitable with adjustment or accessories, then we are happy to return the equipment without penalty.  Carriage charges must be borne by the customer in this instance.

16 March 2020

Our COVID-19 Policy v3 released today

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