Match Tilt-in-Space MSS Chassis

Tilt-in-space chassis for moulded seat solutions.

Product Code: 
L8000 - Match AP
L8500 - Match SP
L8040 - Match AP with Push Support unit, with auto parking brake, Li-ion battery.

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Key features

  • Tilt in space
  • Back angle recline
  • Crash tested to ISO 7176-19
  • Width-adjustable track
  • Length adjustable track 
  • Height adjustable push handles
  • Compatible with AURA Push Support 

The MATCH chassis introduces a new realm of flexibility in the world of moulded seat solutions.

Drawing from years of experience, Match makes it simple to mount, reposition and deliver moulded seating solutions. With a single chassis with incremental adjustments to wheel track, wheel base, interface height, centre of gravity, push handle height, tilt in space and with modular arm rest and legrest options, the Match simplifies the process of mounting complex moulded seats on wheeled chassis.

Options of attendant propelled, self-propelled or attendant with AURA push-assist, the Match is the most up-to-date, stable, flexible and user-friendly chassis available today.

Match has long-range push handle height adjustment ensuring that whatever tilt position the chair is presented in, an attendant can manoevre the chair without strain. A handy tilt indicator in mounted on the push handle to provide a quick reference point for carers.

Ensuring easy adjustment, the centre of gravity adjustment allows a technician to move the MSS forward and rearward up to 15cm maximising stability and drivability. This adjustment can be performed without removing the MSS. A visual indicator on the chassis helps to give extra peace of mind.

The Match is fully crash tested and remains so whatever the push variant.


  • SWL: 160kg (AURA - 150kg)
  • Seat Height: 30 - 60cm
  • MSS Width: 42 - 67cm
  • MSS Depth: 40 - 65cm  (30-55 with seat depth reducer)
  • Tilt Range: 0˚ – 30˚ or -5˚ - 25˚
  • Backrest angle adjustment: 85˚ - 140˚
  • 300mm semi-solid rear wheel
  • 150/200mm front castors
  • Central footbrake with hand lever
  • Overall width : 55-70cm  (with AURA: 67-75cm)
  • Wheelbase; 50-60cm
  • Total weight I(basic model): 37.5kg

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