Return Belt

Compensates for weak legs and provides extra support.


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Key features

  • Anti-slip interior surface
  • Quick-connect buckle
  • Easy-to-grasp handles increase carer confidence

The ReTurnBelt is an excellent complement to ReTurn when there is a need for greater support and stability; for example, when the user's weight-bearing ability is questionable or varies. ReTurnBelt can also be used separately, for support during sit-to-stand and to stabilize the user in an upright position, for example, during standing training, gait training and transfer.

ReTurnBelt is available in many sizes to fit most users, from the smallest to the very largest.

Strong and durable polyamid
The classic version of ReTurnBelt is made from strong and durable polyamid. The belt features an anti-slip inside of moisture repellent, PU-coated nylon and and can therefore be used in environments where moisture and dampness are present or when there are special demands on hygiene. The fabric also ensures that the belt does not slide up but stays in place.

ReTurnBelt is easily placed around the user's hips. The quick-connect buckle is strong and safe and easy to open, close and tighten. Two strong, sturdy, easy-to-grasp handles on either side of the belt provide the caregiver with a safe grip to guide and support the user. When the user is standing, ReTurnBelt can easily be attached to ReTurn's rising ladder/centre post.


ReturnBelt Size ReturnBelt Dimensions
XXS 65-80cm
XS 80-90cm
S 90-105cm
M 105-125cm
L 125-145cm
XL 135-155cm

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