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Roomer S installations are quick and clean, without any structural modifications required to the doorway. Its innovative dual-strap design allows the hoist and patient to move through the doorway without the need for turntables and rail switches.


  • 220kg SWL
  • 2 or 3 point sling suspension
  • Handset storage dock
  • Telescoping carry bar
  • Constant lifting speed
  • Lifting data application


  • Accommodates all but the very heaviest users
  • Comfortable lifting pattern
  • Convenient, and keeps controller to hand
  • Adjusts to suit different user body sizes
  • Soft start lifting which increase confidence
  • Download data to gain insights into hoist usage, battery care and software version

Fewer lifts, increased safety

Our room-to-room transfer reduces the number of lifts and minimizes strains on both patient and caregiver, increasing safety and acceptance.

A comfortable experience

Roomer S offers soft-start and constant lifting speed regardless of patient weight and direction - making lifting a comfortable experience. It also features a unique telescoping hanger bar that offers different widths to ensure a comfortable sitting position.

Always ready for use

With a simple handset storage dock on top of the unit the Roomer S is always ready for use.

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