Is there a tilting shower/commode chair that will work when there are obstructions behind the pan, such as boxing around pipes? 

During a recent assessment, Silas was faced with this exact dilemma: 

On his visit to a private residence, he met a client who had been using a RAZ AT600, our bariatric shower chair model. This client had lost an impressive 130kg (20 stone) since she was prescribed the RAZ AT 600, so a new assessment was required. 

Based on our discussions with the OT and the user, we learned that the new chair would need to support her postural needs and accommodate for her hoisting needs, as well as fit over the two toilets in the property. It was here that we encountered the challenge. Her current chair couldn’t reach a good position over the pan because both toilets had boxing around protruding pipework. 

We brought a RAZ ART to the appointment believing it would be the best solution. With arc rotational tilt, the RAZ ART tilts within its own footprint, moving the centre of gravity forward as the chair is tilted. This allows a much shorter base frame that fits perfectly over toilets with a short seating projection, or with obstructions behind the toilet pan. Furthermore, because the RAZ ART can be fully tilted, it also met her hoisting and postural needs. 

We were so pleased to be able to provide a shower chair that also provided a safe and comfortable toileting option. In her previous chair, she had been using a commode pan, so we were glad to provide an option which enabled her to use the toilet in a more dignified manner and maintain her independence. In addition, her caregivers save time since they do not have to empty and clean the commode pan often. 

The RAZ ART chair also features toolless height adjustment, so if needs change in the future, it can be easily and quickly adapted.   

It was great to see how well the chair worked in the space and how happy our customer was with her new chair.  

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