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Hoist Slings

Wealden Rehab is one of the leading suppliers of hoist slings and care equipment in the UK, with a focus on improving both quality of life for users and ease of use for carers.

Each of our products is manufactured for long-term use and we try to ensure that, where possible, our care equipment products can grow with their users.

We work with professionals in many sectors to deliver end-to-end support, whether that’s for architects designing Changing Places facilities, care homes, occupational therapists or carers, our aim is to help our customers to deliver or receive the best care possible.

Our Range of Patient Hoist Slings

Our market-leading range of hoist slings is designed to provide a solution to a common problem faced by care homes, loan stores and carers, which requires frequent repurchasing of hoist slings as a result of legislation.

Traditionally, the labels within patient hoist slings used by care homes, day care centres, schools and more, are printed onto each sling - which is regularly used and washed. LOLER legislation states that labels within any hoist sling must be legible to be in use, otherwise it should be disposed of. This means that many people are forced to buy new hoist slings often.

Our range of hoist slings is both cost-saving and convenient, using woven labels to prevent fading and the unnecessary purchase of new equipment. Each hoist sling is available with a two-year warranty to give customers peace of mind.

As well as providing cost-saving solutions, our products are designed for ease of use. Constructed with 3D Techmesh, our Natural Fit Premium In-Situ Sling provides a smooth and wrinkle-free sling surface allowing it to be left comfortably under a sitting user, reducing the need for moving and handling from carers.

Using woven labels means that our hoist slings can be washed and reused frequently, but we are also aware that our products are often used in public spaces such as Changing Places, schools, loan stores, care homes or hospitals. That’s why we have manufactured our hoist slings to be machine washable and tumble dried up to 84 degrees - infection is killed at 71 degrees.

At Wealden Rehab we take particular care in the design and manufacture of our products to ensure that each one improves the quality of life of the people using it.

Ordering Hoist Slings

Wealden Rehab works closely with all of our customers to identify how we can help to provide the best care. Whichever type of hoist sling you choose, we will work with you to ensure that our solution is tailored to your specific requirements - be that as a carer, occupational therapist, care home, school, loan store or Changing Places customer.

We also support customers to identify the appropriate sizing of their hoist sling, which is something that we are asked about at Wealden Rehab a lot. We help our customers to find the right product for them every single day.

If you would like to find out more about our range of hoist slings or to book a demo, please get in touch to speak with a member of our team via email or by calling us on 0845 658 8411.

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