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Saros’ adjustable, modular design allows you meet user needs without accessories. This reduces the cost of ownership since accessories are expensive, and it makes it easier to adjust the chair for each user. For multi-user environments this is of particular benefit because you can cater for multiple users while reducing your stockholding.

You can adjust the Saros’ depth, width, height, hip angle, seat ramping and armrest height in minutes without tools – making it easy to give clients the best support. With a bit of training, it’s easy for carers to adapt the chair for a new user, but the adjustments are hidden so they don’t accidentally make changes that affect posture.

Unlike many chairs which have a flat and firm back rest, the Saros back rest is filled with a soft fibre. This means it accommodates and absorbs the majority of back shapes and postures to give better support and pressure relief.

The webbed seat base also delivers superior pressure relief – it gives to the individual pelvis, safely and comfortably accommodating users regardless of their size or asymmetrical posture. This means you can choose from a variety of cushions without the risk of bottoming out or increasing pressure points around the pelvis’ contours. The seat base also acts as a shock absorber, so the force of movement doesn’t all fall on the chair’s frame (which causes wear and tear as well as the inevitable postural changes that come with movements).

These features, together with tilt-in-space and an adjustable leg rest, mean the Saros helps reduce the likelihood of pressure sores while helping prevent slipping and slumping.

The Saros is designed to enable flexible transfers: after all, specialist seating can only supports users as well as they’re transferred into it.

With the Saros, you get easy hoist access for simple transferring and repositioning. This means users can sit in the Saros to participate in group activities, eat meals or simply relax in a safe, comfortable position.


The chairs are lovely and our residents are so comfy in them. It is much nicer now we can get even our frailest residents out of bed and comfy - well worth the money, thank you!

Meg Jones, Manager of Barchester Care Home

I love the thought that has gone into the design

Product Design- Occupational Therapist

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