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The Saros Chair is highly adjustable and modular in design meaning it can meet a range of needs without needing additional accessories. This reduces the cost of ownership since accessories are expensive, and it makes it easier to adjust the chair for each user. For multi-user environments, this is of particular benefit because you can cater to multiple users while reducing your stock holding. 

You can alter the Saros' depth, width, height, hip angle, seat ramping and armrest height in minutes without tools- meaning the chair can be adjusted to the person's measurements and seating requirements. With a bit of training, it is easy for a health care professional or carer to adjust the chair if the users' needs deteriorate or the chair is required for a new user. This feature means the chair can progress with the users' needs and can be easily recycled for new users. All modifications to the chair are hidden, so accidental changes in the chair position and posture can not be completed.

The backrest design provides comfortable solutions while addressing a wide range of postural needs.

Unlike many chairs which have a flat and firm backrest, the Saros backrest is filled with a soft fibre stuffing called Dacron which holds its shape. This means it accommodates and absorbs the majority of back shapes and postures to give better support and pressure relief.

The webbed seat base design provides a robust/supportive base to promote a superior sitting posture therefore, improving pressure relief. Using the correct pressure cushion on top of this base will accommodate a range of pressure needs and postures. Having the correct base/cushion promotes support for the pelvis, comfort and pressure relief. The seat base also acts as a shock absorber, so the force of movement doesn't all fall on the chair's frame (which causes wear and tear as well as the inevitable postural changes that come with movements). 

The Saros offers the adjustability, tilt in space function, postural and pressure management which are all essential in seating a user correctly. This prevents slumping and slipping out of the chair which has a detrimental effect on skin integrity and increases risks of pressure sores. 

  • The Saros is designed to promote all transfers assisted with equipment, this includes a range of standing equipment and full hoisting options.
  • The functions of the Saros include the tilt-in-space and back recline to allow excellent set up of the chair depending on the type of transfer and to encourage the users' pelvis to be positioned at the rear of the chair.
  • The transfer and position into the chair are vital so not to impact on the user's sitting posture and access to meaningful activities, comfort and safety. 


Saros Modular Chair
Kinder Saros Chair
Wide Saros Modular Chair
Infant Saros
Saros Butterfly Backrest
Saros Thoracic Backrest
Saros Integrated Cushion
Saros Thoracic Wedges
Saros Profiled Horseshoe Headrest
Saros 90° Footplate
Saros Angle Adjustable Footplate
Saros Activity Tray

The chairs are lovely and our residents are so comfy in them. It is much nicer now we can get even our frailest residents out of bed and comfy - well worth the money, thank you!

Meg Jones, Manager of Barchester Care Home

I love the thought that has gone into the design

Product Design- Occupational Therapist

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