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Shower Trolleys

Innovative shower trolleys designed for stability, comfort and convenience.

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Shower Trolleys - Overview

Wealden Rehab is one of the fastest-growing UK providers of innovative shower trolleys. Our trolleys are designed for stability, comfort and convenience for adult, elderly and paediatric users. With a comprehensive 3-year warranty, modular add-ons and fast delivery, our shower trolleys are simply the best available on the market.

Our team work with occupational therapists, individual patients and care providers across the UK to provide shower trolleys that meet the unique needs of both patients and carers.

Whether you are looking for a shower trolley for use at home, at school, in a changing places facility or another care environment, our products are designed to improve quality of life and make the delivery of care simpler, easier and safer. Contact our team today to make an enquiry or to book a product demo.

Adult Shower Trolleys

Our most popular shower trolley is the Barella Adult Shower Trolley. Built with stability and safety in mind, you can rest assured that it will remain secure throughout all showering, dressing and changing care situations.

The height of the side rails and soft trolley liner padding help protect in the event of involuntary patient movements, keeping patient and carer safe while in use. With built-in platform tilt, the shower trolley allows for effective water drainage while showering, giving carers flexibility and patients security in either a tilted or horizontal position.

It’s not uncommon for many shower trolleys to be narrow and restrictive for the patient. The Barella Adult Shower Trolley, on the other hand, is built with extra width on the platform to make manual handling easier when extra space is needed.

Like all of our shower trolleys, this product is made to outlast all others on the market and has been tried and tested in the most humid and demanding of environments. It is fully corrosion and rust resistant and comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty - so you can rest assured your purchase will last. What’s more, it can be delivered in just 1-3 working days.

Paediatric and Bariatric Shower Trolleys

We also provide paediatric and bariatric shower trolleys. The Barella Paediatric Shower Trolley is designed specifically to meet the needs of children and adults who require a smaller shower trolley. This product is extremely secure, with guaranteed stability at every working height, and excellent side rail height for superior patient security.

The Barella Bariatric Shower Trolley is specifically designed to support a weight capacity up to 225kg. This trolley is electrically operated, made with a flat platform and has central braking to ensure patient and carer safety while mobile and in use.

Ordering Disabled Shower Trolleys and Booking a Demo

No matter which product you choose, with Wealden Rehab you will be getting the highest quality shower trolleys available and a product that is truly built to last. From your initial enquiry, our team will work closely with you to ensure you receive a best-in-class product that meets your needs.

Book a face to face demo with us to see how our shower trolleys can be adapted to your requirements. Simply head to our book a demo page to place your booking with our team.

To place an order, or information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 8411.

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We have been using our Barella trolleys for nearly two years.  We have had other trolleys in the past, but both our clients and users feel more secure and comfortable in the Barella range due to their stable and strong construction.  We can also recommend the Barella for use in humid environments.  Our trolleys are situated in very humid areas.  The trolleys we had previously showed signs of rusting within a short space of time, the Barella’s we have show no signs of rust even after being in situ for nearly two years.

Further, we would highly recommend the services of Wealden Rehab.  If we have needed any advice or problem solving, they have always given us quick responses and have been most helpful.

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