Bariatric Couch

Heavy duty plinth for up to 50 stones.

Product Code:
M4134/2 (2 Section)
M4134/3 (3 Section)

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Key features

  • 320Kg Safe Working Load
  • Gas Assisted Adjustable Head Section
  • MRSA Resistant Anti-Bacterial and Fire Retardant Upholstery
  • Retractable Rubber Castors
  • Adjustable Foot for Uneven Floors
  • Entry Height 50cm- High Height 95cm
  • Maximum Patient Weight for Electric Models: 320Kg (50st)

With the increasing requirement for examination couches to have capability of supporting extremely heavy patients, we offer this range of electric lift models with a safe working load of 320Kg that can be tailor made to suit the clinicians requirements.

A wide extra-padded top and an uprated mechanism to lift up to 50 stones, the bariatric plainth is built to last.

An electric lift motor is coupled with an electric backrest motor.

Please choose from either 2 section (backrest only) or 3 section model, (3 section shown)

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