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RAZ shower/toilet/commode chairs are designed to be highly adjustable, meeting a wider variety of needs without accessories. Multiple features allow the chair to be fine-tuned to an individual user or can be easily manipulated for it to become the perfect chair for a multiuser environment. Each RAZ chair in the range is suitable for a person whose needs might change or progress overtime and will prevent the need of having to change pieces of equipment multiple times.

RAZ Shower Chairs

RAZ AT Shower Chair
RAZ ATW GEB Shower Chair
RAZ AP Shower Chair
RAZ AP-LOW Shower Chair
RAZ AP GEB Shower Chair
Raz SP-LOW Shower Chair
RAZ SP Shower Chair
RAZ ATP Paediatric Shower Chair
RAZ AT600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ AP600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ SP600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ AT Infection Control Shower Chair

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