RAZ Shower & Hygiene Chairs

Adjustable shower chairs designed to maximise postural support and comfort

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The RAZ shower chair is designed to be highly adjustable, meeting a wide variety of needs without expensive accessories. As a result, you get greater support, easier showering and toileting, and lower costs.

From arm rest height and angle to height, forward tilt, back rest and aperture position – it’s easy to fine tune RAZ chairs to optimise comfort, safety, posture and pressure relief. And because these adjustments are simple to make, the RAZ grows with the user – as they get older or as their condition evolves.

Importantly, the ability to make small adjustments makes it easy to use the RAZ with different toilet heights, making it the shower chair of choice for private homes and multi-user environments.


RAZ chairs are designed for maximum durability – in a wet environment, you need to protect against corrosion. We engineer our chairs from 316-grade stainless steel to make them ultra-robust. Even small parts like washers, caster stems, springs and staples are stainless.

As a result, RAZ chairs are long lasting, don’t require an ongoing replacement programme, and stay rust-free. Together with the 5-years unconditional frame warranty, this offers excellent value for money.

RAZ shower chairs include clinically-proven features that boost postural support and pressure relief.

Seat modules are created from an injection-moulded soft but supportive foam with an impervious outer skin. This creates a supportive 'bowl' to cradle the pelvis and ischial tuberosities, giving users greater balance and confidence. It also increases surface area in contact with the seat, lowering the resultant pressures and protecting vulnerable skin.

For those with existing pressure issues, we have the visco seat option – it uses the moulded seat as the foundation with an added layer of visco-foam. It’s upholstered in a bi-elastic vinyl to deliver increased pelvic envelopment and greater pressure relief.

Tilting RAZ chairs feature tilt-in-space with the ability to adjust to specific increments. This allows for more accurate positioning to prevent poor posture and unnecessary pressure. And because you can move the aperture forwards, backwards and side to side, you can align it more closely with the pelvis to reduce pressure and help the user relax during toileting.

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Ben had thorough knowledge of the RAZ Shower Chair and it is clear that a great deal of intelligent design has gone into making this product work effectively for clients and their carers

RAZ- Occupational Therapist, Hampshire

The range of products have obviously had a great deal of consideration and thought put in their design

Product Design- Occupational Therapist, Durham

Very impressed with the RAZ Shower Chair. Competitively priced and good innovation.

RAZ- Occupational Therapist, South Essex

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