Supportive Seating

Supportive Seating

Our range of supportive seating is simple, but proven effective with the widest spectrum of clients.

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Our passion for seating

There are few things we are as passionate about as seating. Having many years’ experience in these products, we know what a massive difference specifying the correct chair can have – and there is no one solution that will work for every user.

Our range has evolved over the years to give you a collection that offers a true mixture of comfort, adjustability and pressure relief. Coupled with this, you can rest assured that our trusted advisors will take you through the options so that you will have the correct chair, giving the right support.

Wealden Rehab have long been suppliers to NHS, social services and care home groups, offering anything from single chair assessments through to high volume contracts. With the variety available to you today, why not ask for a demonstration of the range to show how we can benefit your service? Whether the focus is recyclability, cost, pressure relief, or some other feature, we can exceed your expectations.

Call our friendly team today on 0845 658 8411 to discuss your requirements, or be free to browse the product ranges below.

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