Laguna Shower Chairs

Cost effective shower chairs for multi-user environments and community equipment stores.

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The Laguna AP attendant propel chair is ideally suited to users performing a standing transfer, this chair provides support for independence while in the shower and toilet.

The Laguna AT mobile shower commode chair offers exceptional comfort and function at an affordable price, but with standard features that are normally found only on higher specification chairs. The easy-to-use tilt mechanism allows up to 40 degrees of tilt space for maximum pressure distribution/relief and comfort.

The Laguna SP self-propel chair makes it possible for the Laguna to be propelled by the user. All wheels are equipped with separate brakes providing users with greater independence in the shower environment. This self-propel wheel kit can be attached to any existing Laguna chair.


Laguna AP Shower Chair
Laguna AT Shower Chair
Laguna SP Shower Chair

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