Turtle Vacuum Support Cushion

The Turtle Vacuum Cushion is innovatively designed to provide moulded support for the user

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Key features

  • Easy to shape precisely
  • Remains in any shape for long periods
  • Velcro accessories available, to keep the support in place
  • Waterproof – can be used for bathing

The Turtle Vacuum Support is a stabilizing cushion that can be easily shaped to the user’s body. This flexibility ensures the correct positioning of the trunk, pelvis, upper and lower limbs and the head.

The Turtle Vacuum support cushion is made of soft, elastic neoprene foam, which perfectly adapts to the patient’s body. Once formed, the contact area of the body with the cushion surface is increased thereby reducing pressure. This has a very significant impact on comfort as well as accommodating spinal curvatures etc. 

By using the dual action pump, the pressure within the cushion can be gradually adjusted to provide further targeted support for the user.


Turtle Bathing Support Size  Vacuum Support Code 
#0 N6445
#1 N6447
#2 N6449
#3 N6451
#4 N6453



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