Shower Chairs

Shower Chairs

Wealden Rehab provides innovative, cost-effective shower chairs that improve quality of life for the user.

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IndiGo shower chairs

RAZ shower chairs

Excellence in Bathing and Hygiene

Wealden Rehab is one of the fastest growing providers of innovative shower chairs across the UK, providing care solutions that reduce costs while improving quality of life for adult, paediatric, disabled and elderly shower wheelchairs users.

We work with individual patients, case managers, occupational therapists, and loan equipment stores to provide cost-effective solutions that improve patient care. Our best-in-class shower chairs are designed for long-term use, with each supported by a comprehensive warranty.

Our shower wheelchairs make patient bathing and hygiene easier, offering superior adjustment capabilities while catering to postural and pressure management requirements of patients with a range of care needs. Whether you are looking for a chair for a private dwelling, hospital or other care facilities, our wheeled shower chairs are designed to help you provide long-lasting, excellent patient care.

Adult Shower Wheelchairs

Our most popular chair is the RAZ AT shower chairs. The tilt-in-space RAZ AT is made of durable stainless steel, allowing for the best in pressure and posture management for patients.

Each of the self and attendant-propelled chairs in our RAZ range can be customised to your requirements. The RAZ AT comes with an industry-leading 5-year warranty and offers the best adjustment of any of our shower wheelchairs, designed to make showering and bathing as easy and safe for patients and carers as possible. With a height-adjustable seat, tension-adjustable backrest and tilt-in-space to 40° - the RAZ AT is simply the only adjustable shower chairs you will ever need.

The RAZ AT600 is a tilting bariatric shower chair and commode with a 270kg safe working load. With the exclusive Weight Assist Spring System (WASS), the RAZ AT600 is ideal for heavy-duty use while supporting patients comfortably.

Browse our range of shower chairs with wheels below, or use our shower chair selector to find the ideal chair for your requirements. For more information book your demo or contact our team today.

Paediatric Shower Chairs

Our RAZ ATP shower chair is our paediatric shower chair, ideal for patients who are children, adolescents or small adults.

Like our leading RAZ AT shower chair, the RAZ ATP shower and commode chair is made of durable stainless steel and is tilt adjustable to make patient care easier. With excellent adjustability, the chair is easily able to adapt to the user as they grow - making for an excellent long-term bathing and hygiene solution.

If you’d like to find out more information about our paediatric shower chair, get in touch with our team or book your demo today.

Ordering Shower Chairs and Booking a Demo

Regardless of which shower wheelchair you choose, with Wealden Rehab you will not only be getting a disabled shower chair of the highest quality, but a dedicated partner to assist you in delivering excellent patient care. From your initial enquiry, our team will work with you to deliver a bathing and hygiene solution that meets your needs.

Book us for a face to face demo to see how our products can be customised to your requirements. Simply head to our book a demo page to book your demo with our team.

To make an enquiry, to place an order, or for more information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 8411.

Shower Chair Products

IndiGo Shower Chairs
IndiGo Shower Chairs
IndiGo Accessories
IndiGo Accessories
RAZ Shower Chairs
RAZ Shower Chairs
RAZ Accessories
RAZ Accessories
Laguna Shower Chairs
Laguna Shower Chairs
Laguna Accessories
Laguna Accessories
Belts and Positioning
Belts and Positioning
RAZ Seats
RAZ Seats
RAZ AT Shower Chair
RAZ SP Shower Chair
RAZ AP Shower Chair
RAZ ATP Paediatric Shower Chair
RAZ AP GEB Shower Chair
RAZ AP600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ AT600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ ATW GEB Shower Chair
RAZ SP600 Bariatric Shower Chair
RAZ AT Infection Control Shower Chair
RAZ ART Shower Chair
Laguna AT Shower Chair
Laguna AP Shower Chair
Laguna SP Shower Chair
CIRRUS Shower Stool
IndiGo Drive T Shower Chair with Joystick
IndiGo Drive T Plus 200kg Shower Chair with Joystick
IndiGo Drive Shower Chair
IndiGo HTR Shower Chair
IndiGo Plus HT 200kg Shower Chair
IndiGo HTM Shower Chair
IndiGo HT Shower Chair
IndiGo Plus HTX 250kg Shower Chair
IndiGo Drive HT Shower Chair with joystick
Full Neoprene Footplate
Height and Angle Adjustable Footrest
IndiGo Longer Seat - Horseshoe
IndiGo Pressure Relief Seat
IndiGo Seat with Reversed Opening
IndiGo Side Support Left and Right
IndiGo Standard Seat Lid
IndiGo Splash Guard

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