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Bath Hoists

Wealden Rehab is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bath hoists, providing flexible, custom care equipment solutions to private users, care homes, occupational therapists and more. Our bath hoist is available under a Disabled Facilities Grant, allowing users to extend their warranty from three years (provided as standard) to five.

At Wealden Rehab we pride ourselves on providing problem-solving equipment that makes life easier for users of our products, which is why we tend to focus on flexible, custom solutions.

We can provide custom floorplates for additional support if required, or the option to use a wall fixing if it is not possible to screw into the floor - for private customers who have underfloor heating, for example.

For use in government loan stores, you may benefit from the option to change your bath hoists between manual and electric operation if it is likely to have multiple users over its lifetime, ultimately saving costs.

Ordering Bath Hoists with Wealden Rehab

At Wealden Rehab we work closely with each customer to identify how we can help to provide the best care with the most suitable and effective solution for each customer.

Whether you are a Disabled Facilities Grant manager, occupational therapist, or are looking for a bath hoist for a private home, the Autolift Bath Hoist is suitable for multiple types of users and has the flexibility to create the solution that you’re looking for.

Our bath hoist comes with three years’ warranty as standard - this can be upgraded to five with a Disabled Facilities Grant.

To find out more about our Autolift Bath Hoist or book a demo, get in touch to speak with a Wealden Rehab expert on 0845 658 8411.

Bath Hoists

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