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Ceiling Hoists

Innovative ceiling hoists that reduce care costs and improve quality of life.

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Compact, Discreet & Stylish Overhead Hoists

Wealden Rehab is one of the fastest growing providers of ceiling hoists, overhead hoists and ceiling lifts across the UK. We deliver innovative solutions that can reduce care costs and improve quality of life for the user.

We work with our clients to ensure a cost-effective patient lifting solution. Our installations are designed for long trouble-free service and are backed up with quality maintenance packages, giving you peace of mind.

Ceiling hoists are the most effective method for patient lifting and making patient care easier. They remove the risk associated with carers moving mobile hoists whilst increasing floor space. Our clever ceiling hoists track systems will ensure that, whether fitted under a grant or social services provided to a private dwelling or used in communal areas such as leisure centres or Changing Places, you can be sure you’ll have a solution to be proud of.

We’re great at working with architects, builders, OTs, and other professionals to deliver turnkey solutions. With excellent stock levels in the UK, we can respond quickly to more urgent installations. Ask our in-house project team for assistance in specifying, designing and installing your ceiling track system.

Key Features

Our leading ceiling hoist system, the GoLift, is the smallest overhead hoist on the market for patient handling. It's perfect for use in any care environment where space and portability are essential. This includes homes, hospitals, care homes or changing places locations.

The compactness of the height-adjustable patient hoist also means it has a superior patient lifting height - ideal for rooms with low ceilings. With in-rail charging, you can rest assured that no matter where you leave the hoist unit it will recharge. This removes the need to return it to a fixed location.

The GoLift’s capacitive handset has the sensitivity of a phone screen, allowing for complete control of the portable hoist by the patient. This makes it an ideal domestic ceiling hoist for single-handed care or for independent living environments.

Should the ceiling track hoist system need to be repaired or moved, the quick release button lets you remove it from the hoist track quickly. You can then reorganise as needed or repair at a safe height.

Each of our mobile hoists come with a 3-5 year warranty and are designed to be both low-maintenance and long-lasting. For more information on our range of ceiling track hoists, browse our selection below or contact our team today.

Hoist and Ceiling Track Installation

Whether you require ceiling hoist systems for a hospital or care home, or are an architect, OT or private individual looking for a hoist that meets your needs, our team are more than happy to design a ceiling track solution that works for you.

We can work with you to provide planning and installation guidance for your ceiling hoist tracking, with our team on hand for any advice and support you may need throughout the process.

We pride ourselves on our efficient ceiling track hoist installations, with some overhead hoist installations taking only 1-2 weeks once you place your order. Contact our team today for more information on our hoist and track installation process.

Retrofitting Overhead Hoists

If you have existing ceiling tracks in place, it can be difficult to find an overhead hoist system that works with your current patient handling setup. Our team are able to retrofit our ceiling hoists to your existing tracks for a fast, cost-saving installation that causes minimal disruption.

No matter your existing setup, our team will work closely with you to see how we can best navigate the installation to ensure you keep costs and disruptions to a minimum.

Order Ceiling Hoists and Book a Demo

No matter which ceiling hoist you choose, with Wealden Rehab you will be getting a dedicated partner that will assist you in delivering the best care. From enquiry to ceiling track installation, we will work with you to provide a solution tailored to your requirements and care environment.

Book us up for a face to face demo to show you how the GoLift hoist unit can be tailored to your requirements. To request a demo, simply head to our book a demo page.

To place an order or for more information and advice about our ceiling hoists, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 8411.

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