GoLift Portable 450 Ceiling Hoist

The all-new, state-of-the-art GoLift Portable takes overhead hoisting to a new level. Weighing in at only 2.7kg, you will be able to move the hoist around effortlessly to take you to areas you couldn’t previously access. 


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Key features

  • 204kg / 32 Stone Safe Working Load
  • Only 2.7kg in weight
  • Up to 55 lifts per charge
  • Metal gears, for longevity
  • Compatible with most gantry and track systems
  • Soft start and stop
  • Emergency Lower
  • Audible low battery signal
  • Free surveys

Light, but heavy duty 

The GoLift Portable 450 builds on what the fixed GoLift Hoist has already perfected. Reliability is key, and that is why we have insisted on having all metal gears. And despite being one of the lightest overhead hoists available, it is still capable of lifting 204kg (32 Stone).

Simple to use

The GoLift Portable 450 is designed for convenient lifting. The operator (or user) can choose from the integral controls on the hoist, or the seperate hand control. Either way, you will experience a soft start, comfortable lift, with up to 55 cycles per charge, making it suitable for a multi-user environment.


Designed to be flexible, the GoLift Portable 450 will fit onto any tracking system, fixed or gantry, that has a trolley to accept a portable hoist.

For more information, a quotation or a demonstration, call our team on 0845 658 8411.



Max. Lifting Speed No load: 5cm/second
150lbs: 3.8cm/second
450lbsL 2.5cm/second
Unit weight 2.72 kg 
Safe working load 204 kg
Dimensions (see diagram) A: 28 cm min, 198cm max
B: 13cm
C: 46cm
D: 48cm
Depth of lift: 9cm
Number of lifts per charge (Duty: 10/90) 55 with 68 kg (25% of strap at midrange)
30 with 204 kg (25% of strap at midrange)
Charging time 2-4 hours
Lift case Flame retardant ABS
Batteries High capacity, long lasting NiMH
1 x 24V (1.6Ah)
Battery charger: 100-240VAC 40 Watt
Handh Control: Wireless bluetooth
Safety Emergency Stop: Yes
Emergency lowering device: Independent Electrical
Manual lowering
Upper limit detection
Lower limit detection
Slack tape sensor
Free fall brake (over speed governor)
Low battery and dead battery alarms
Soft start and stop
Overload protection


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