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Our sling range features 10 designs with 3 different fabric choices and 7 sizes. In other words – you may choose a sling that helps you deliver the best possible care for each user.

Whether you opt for deep-dyed polyester, polyester mesh or 3D Techmesh, you get a lasting solution that maximises comfort and safety.

Our high-strength polyester proves itself by providing great durability in everyday use, with quilted leg sections offering extra comfort and minimising 'roping' under the patients legs.
The polyester mesh material accelerates drainage when used in a bathing situation, and lends itself to being dried quickly.
Our 3D Techmesh is constructed as a dual-layer material offering cushioning, stretch and reducing rucks and creases under a seated user. This fabric is ideal for leaving in-situ, reducing risk to carers in many situations where continual application and removal of slings would be hazardous to both carer and patient.


Choose from options designed especially for transfers, bathing and in-situ, with a high weight capacity across all model sizes.


AltoSlings are made in the UK using the latest manufacturing methods. Sling fabric is cut to shape by laser as it comes off the roll. This ensures accurate dimensioning and allows for edge sealing in a single pass, reducing the risk of fraying.

Lifting straps are stitched using cutting-edge computer technology. This process ensures the gate-stitch connection between the sling body and lifting straps is consistently of the highest quality.

Importantly, each sling has a high-definition, satin-woven taffeta label made specifically for us. Unlike cheaper printed labels, these never fade or lose detail – even after thousands of washes. As a result, AltoSlings never have to be condemned due to illegible labels, giving you an exponentially longer service life and greater value for money.











AltoSlings have a range of features that make them easy to use for all uses, including

  • Tape pockets that make the sling less obtrusive in the chair (on NaturalFit designs)
  • Sling application pockets to ensure easy positioning of the sling in a chair
  • Adjustable lifting position by selecting loop positions
  • Washable at 85° for infection control
  • Colour-coded lifting loops
  • Modesty loop-to-leg paddles



Agile-Fit Toileting Sling with head support, Alto
Natural-Fit Loop Fixing, with Head Support
Natural-Fit Clip Fixing, with Head Support
Pro-Fit with head support, Polyester, Alto
Active-Fit Clip-Fit Stand-Aid Sling, Alto
Active-Fit Stand-Aid Sling, Alto
Agile-Fit Toileting Sling, without head support, Alto
Clip-Fit Toileting Sling, with head support, Alto
Clip-Fit Transfer Sling, with clip fixing, Polyester, Alto
Pro-Fit Sling, Polyester, Alto
Pronto-Fit Sling with head support, Alto
Pronto-Fit Sling, Polyester, Alto
Secure-Fit Sling, Polyester, Alto
Pro-Fit Sling, Mesh, Alto
Pro-Fit with head support, Mesh, Alto
Pronto-Fit Sling with head support, Mesh, Alto
Pronto-Fit Sling, Mesh, Alto
Clip-Fit Transfer Sling, with clip fixing, Mesh, Alto
Secure-Fit Sling, Mesh, Alto
Natural-Fit, Loop Fixing no Head Support

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