Active-Fit Clip-Fit Stand-Aid Sling, Alto

Active-Fit Clip-Fit Stand-Aid Sling, with dosec clip fixing

This sling is compatible with clip-fixing stand-aid hoists and comes in sizes from X Small to X Large

Material Options: Polyester

Product Code: S1091


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Key features

Embroidered sling information label does not wash out with laundry

Adjustable lifting position

Washable at 85° for infection control

200kg SWL across all model sizes

Application pocket helps with sliding sling down to the base of the spine

With its padded back support, the Active-Fit provides comfort and stability when the patient really needs it. This sling features a wider cut and strong polycarbonate stays to give rigidity in the spinal area. The Active-Fit product has a true feeling of luxury, whilst providing protection and peace of mind for both the patient and carer when carrying out a standing transfer. All labels are embroidered making them more resilient to the washing process.

Please note that the AltoSlings Active-Fit Sling is specifically designed for use with a stand assist hoist.

This product is available in sizes between X Small and X Large, all of which have a safe working load of 200kg.

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