Browse our range, and you notice the many ways you can adjust a RAZ chair while delivering superior pressure management. And the way our Barella shower trolleys are designed to be easy for carers to manoeuvre safely. And many more little touches that make a big difference to users and carers alike.

How we help

Specialised Care Equipment for Care Homes, Hospitals and Schools 

When you manage a multi-user environment like a care home, hospital or school, there are so many competing requirements. Not only do you have a wide range of complex needs, but you also have to factor in budget and ease of use for staff.

We help you balance these many considerations with care equipment that’s user friendly, low maintenance and highly adjustable. As a result, it’s easy to get maximum value while giving users the best when it comes to postural support, comfort and pressure relief.

As one Occupational Therapist said: “The range of products have obviously had a great deal of consideration and thought put into their design.”

Highly adjustable equipment

Easily meet a range of complex needs with equipment that adapts to different requirements – without having to buy expensive accessories. Whether you are looking for overhead hoists, shower trolleys or another product, the high adjustability and modular design helps you support users quickly and cost effectively, while reducing your stockholding and delivering the highest standard of care.

Best-in-class pressure management 

Superior pressure relief helps you deliver the best possible care while also reducing the time and resource spent treating sores. Each piece of equipment is carefully designed based on research to best meet the needs of the majority of users. Using various layers of foam, we aim to ensure that all of our seating solutions provide the absolute best for patients so that they can be comfortable no matter the chair they are sitting on.



Efficient service

Get fast response times and a proactive service – whether you’re managing a single site or a national group.

You get itemised quotes within 24 hours and next day delivery on many items. We’re always on hand to answer questions, and we offer ongoing training so it’s easy for staff to hit the ground running with the equipment you've ordered (and stay up to date on the latest advances and regulations).

Extended warranty as standard

Reduce lifetime costs as well as get better value with equipment that is designed to last longer. Plus, our extended 3- and 5-year warranties give you added peace of mind. 

You can also choose optional service contracts to make managing your equipment inventory easier than ever.

Why Wealden Rehab?

With our innovative products and friendly, proactive service, care homes, hospitals and schools are able to cut costs over time while getting additional expert product advice and training. In fact, many of our partners have reduced their stock holding by more than 50%.

In today’s environment, with budgets being challenged and costs rising, we help you work with available resources to provide care to be proud of. 

We’re on hand to answer any questions – no matter how big or small. Contact us today via the contact form on the right or by calling 0845 658 8411. Alternatively, drop us an email at

‘I love the thought that has gone into the design.’
Occupational Therapist

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