Premium 200 Shower Bench

Premium 200 Shower Changing bench

This is a versatile shower bench and changing table with a comfortable lying surface. The soft padded surface is made in three parts, and each can be removed for easy cleaning. The end sections can be ramped to create a head support at either end of the bench.

The bench folds up to the wall with assistance from integrated gas springs. 

An fold-away safety rail is locked and released using a simple turn-wheel mounted center front edge.

Order Codes: 

  • PR8582L - Adult Version,1910mm overall length
  • PR8582S - Short version, 1410mm overall length

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Key features

  • Height adjustable
  • Folding top
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Water collection tray
  • Folding safety rail
  • Flexible drainage hose
  • Including water collection tray with integrated outlet
  • Changing Places compliant

The Premium 200 bench is a comfortable and reliable changing table in the shower room. The bench is easily adjusted for height using the convenient handset. The padded patient platform can be folded to afford more space within the room. The platform has an adjustable head section to provide extra comfort. 

The Premium 200 bench has a folding safety rail for confidence in the showering procedure. 

Fitted to the wall and resting on the floor the Premium 200 shower bench is capable of lifting patients up to 200kg.

The Premium 200 is the ideal changing bench for inclusion within Changing Places schemes


Safe working load 200 kg
Height adjustment 300 - 1000mm
Length with electric motor  1800mm incl safety rail



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