Specialist Seating and Supportive Chairs

Specialist Seating and Supportive Chairs

At Wealden Rehab one of our many passions is seating and working together in selecting the correct postual support and comfort in a chair. Having many years experience in seating products we know what a significant difference it can make to the end user's quality of life when the correct chair is provided. Our range of chairs cover a multitude of needs.

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Our supportive chair range has evolved over the years to give you a collection of specialist seating that offers a true mixture of comfort, adjustability and pressure relief. Coupled with this, you can rest assured that our trusted advisors will take you through the options so that you will have the correct chair, giving the right support.

Wealden Rehab has long been a supplier to the NHS, social services and care home groups, offering anything from single chair assessments through to high volume contracts.

Wealden Rehab is pleased to demonstrate any one of our seating products which will suit your individual or service requirements. The range of products has been carefully selected to ensure quality, adjustability and cost-effectiveness. Many products can be recycled but most importantly the seating option available meet an extensive range of individual comfort and seating requirements.

Call our friendly team today on 0845 658 8411 to discuss your requirements, or be free to browse the product ranges below.

Our Specialist Seating Expertise

Wealden Rehab has the expertise and vast knowledge around patient conditions to recommend simple seating requests or complex seating requirements which may include postural support, pressure relief and specific accessories advise. We provide a full on-site assessment, demonstration, setup and backup services so you can be sure you have a product you are completely happy with. 

With our own in-house occupational therapist and a network of professional industry contacts, we understand what is required for quality supportive seating. We have extensive experience working with OTs, nurses and physiotherapists and have used this knowledge in designing our products to meet the most demanding of patient needs.

Booking a demonstration and ordering specialist seating

A face to face demonstration will provide the opportunity to explore our specialist seating range which can be adapted to your needs. Simply head to our book a demo page to arrange your appointment with our team or phone the office if you prefer. 

After Wealden Rehab assisted you in selecting and ordering the correct seating solution you will also have access to a dedicated team of staff with the expertise to provide follow up care which may be required to ensure the product is correct and meets your long term needs.

To place an order, or for more information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 841

Adult Supportive Chairs

Our Saros Modular Chair is a fantastic all-round postural management seating solution. Comfortable, adjustable and modular, it is well-suited to a range of patient care needs, while also blending in seamlessly with any living environment. Perfect for those who need pressure relief or postural support, the tilt-in-space function allows for pressure to be redistributed on the body, aiding patient comfort and reducing the likelihood of pressure sores.

The Valencia Porter combines the adaptability of specialist seating with a riser function to benefit ambulant patients who need assistance in standing and sitting. The chair is able to be moved whether or not the person is sitting in the chair, and provides excellent comfort and pressure relief if the patient is sat for long periods of time.

Best suited to hospital rehabilitation facilities, the Medica Ward Chair is a mobile chair that is designed to support the broadest range of clients most comfortably. With a rechargeable battery, the chair can be operated remotely to adjust height and seat depth, with a tilt-in-space function for when the patient is seated. The chair is also able to be combined with a range of hoists for easy patient access.

To place an order, or for more information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 841

Bariatric Supportive Chairs

Our leading bariatric chair is an excellent solution for those looking for bariatric seating and can support weight up to 80 stone. With 12 years of design and development behind it, our chairs has been built specifically with the needs of bariatric patients in mind..

To place an order, or for more information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 841

Paediatric Supportive Chairs

Our Strata Comfort Chair is our tilt-in-space wheeled chair that has been specifically designed for users who need maximum comfort. No matter the size of the patient, the Strata Comfort Chair is extremely adaptable and can be adjusted to provide a personal solution that meets specific patient needs.

The Kinder Saros chair is our neurological care paediatric chair. Highly adjustable to provide comfort, strength and adjustability to the individual patient, the Kinder Saros chair is also cost-effective, customisable and visually suited to almost any care environment.

The adaptability of our paediatric seating products means that you not only have a specialist chair that can be adapted patient-to-patient if required but have a seating solution that is able to adapt as the patient grows from childhood into early adulthood, making our options extremely cost-effective in the long term.

To place an order, or for more information and advice, contact our team today or call us on 0845 658 841.

Choosing the Right Specialist Seating

When choosing supportive seating, it can be difficult to know the chair you need to meet specific patient care needs. With so many options to choose from, it can be easy to be distracted by a product’s low price in the short term and choose a chair that ultimately does not meet long term requirements.

Before settling on a particular product, we always encourage people to think long term, explore their options and take as much time as possible to understand the chair they need. Often opting for the cheapest option at face value is the most expensive option in the long run due to lack of quality, not meeting patient needs and limited adaptability.

Below are our 5 key tips to ensure improved comfort, effective pressure relief, adequate body support and improved chair function from your chosen seating solution:

  1. Aim for 90/90/90 - All of our chairs are designed to position the hips, knees and ankles at rest at 90 degrees. This allows for maximum chair stability and function.
  2. Ensure Soft Tissue Protection - Chairs with pressure-relieving cushions and foams and tilt-in-space help prevent pressure-related conditions.
  3. Maximise Seated Contact Area - The more contact made with the chair’s support surface when seated, the better the stability. This can also be aided by adjusting the chair.
  4. Promote Symmetry/Neutral Posture - Everyone’s neutral posture is different. Aiming for better chair symmetry will help ensure better posture.
  5. Protect and Support the Head - Body stability and position will greatly impact head balance and control. The head should be supported only after their pelvis, trunk and lower extremities have been adequately supported.

For more information and advice on how to choose specialist seating, contact our friendly team today or call us on 0845 658 8411 and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

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