Strata Comfort Chair


The tilt-in-space wheeled chair for those who need extra support. 

Strata has been specially designed for users who need a wheeled chair with maximum comfort.

The Strata wheeled chair is an outstanding choice which provides comfort, postural support and the flexibility from a chair which is transportable from indoors to outdoors.

It has a comprehensive range of adjustments within the chair without having to add additional accessories and meets the needs of an extensive range of people and is frequently used in multiuser environments. 

Product Code: L3000

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Key features

  • One size frame
  • Available in 3 different seat width sizes
  • Seat liners zip on/off the frame to create different seat width sizes
  • BENDIX arms provide extra support and reassurance
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ergonomic push handle
  • Customisable seating compartments with granular latex foam
  • Tilt in space by hydraulic control
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Adjustable leg rest and footrest angle
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

The Strata has two gas springs which give the wheeled chair a stable, comfortable tilting frame which is light to operate with or without a user in situ. The backrest angle is adjustable providing extra positioning and support options for the user.

The Kelvin range seat cushion and support pillows are filled with small latex foam cylinders which can be redistributed into the different compartments to provide personalised positional support. The seat is comfortable and retains its shape due to the properties of the seat. The additional accessory of the Flex-arm supports can provide that extra support and confidence to the user. 

The Kelvin pillows extend down to the footplates giving support and comfort to the lower limbs. The optional swing-away leg rests provide additional access at the front of the chair. 

Optional terry-towelling covers provide a soft and launderable layer to the Kelvin seat cushion and are invaluable for those clients who have temperature control issues.

Different hoisting systems are suitable with this chair.


Seat Width- Small 340-400mm / 13-16"
Seat Width- Medium  400-460mm / 16-18"
Seat Width- Large 460-520mm / 18-20.5"
Seat Depth 480mm / 19"
Seat Height 600mm / 23.5"
Overall Width 700mm / 27.5"
Overall Height 1300mm / 51"
Safe Working Load 125kg
Total weight of chair 39kg


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