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In the drive to make our leisure areas more accessible, pool hoists are now commonly found in sports centres, hotels and other communal areas. We have developed the Heron, and have a market leading pool hoist boasting stainless steel construction and battery operation. In addition to this, depending on the application we have options to work with pools both above and below ground, and a choice of either spreader bar attachment for sling users or a transportable chair.


As a pool hoist is a major capital expense we strongly recommend a call to our projects department to discuss the best configuration for you. We can also assist in room planning to ensure you get the best results, and if required can assist with finance options.

Call our projects department today to arrange a site assessment on 0845 658 8411.

Pool Hoists

Dipper Pool Hoist
Heron Pool Hoist
I-Swim Pool Hoist
I-Swim 2 Pool Hoist
I-Swim 3 Pool Hoist

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