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Experts in bathing

Wealden Rehab is an expert in bathing and hygiene and brings to you a complete catalogue of baths to meet every situation. Our website shows some of the most common options available to you, but as it is a major purchase we strongly recommend a discussion with our projects department to help you make the right choice. From space planning to discussions around modification and cost options, out advisors are highly trained and can design you a solution to be proud of.

Once you have decided the equipment that is best for you, our technical team will be on hand to liaise with your contractor to ensure the services and pre-installation work is carried out correctly. And because we know our products are normally the last items to be fitted on any project, we work with contractors and customers (and can store your order if required) so it is delivered on time, every time.

Call our Projects Team today on 0845 658 8411 to arrange a site visit or to arrange an informal chat.

Care Bathing

Avero Care Bath
Compact Plus DC2
Compact 16 Bath
Kiva Care Bath
Rio Care Bath
Avero Motion Care Bath
MultiBath SE

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