Kiva Care Bath

The Kiva bath offers extra space for taller users and is also ideal in multi-user environments.

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Key features

  • Air Spa (optional)
  • Neatfold changing system (optional)
  • Thermostatic valve, including full TMV3
  • WRAS gantry

A recent development to provide extra bathing space for taller users, the Kiva draws from our long experience in building products to suit demand

The Kiva offers a stable lifting chassis to provide height adjustment between 700mm and 1000mm. Designed and built without compromise, with generous internal and external dimensions, the Kiva is one of the first capacious baths on the market that looks and feels like a true classic bath and has been specifically designed to blend into any bathroom environment. The Kiva comes with a range of different features and options to suit the ever changing needs of the user, from childhood through to adulthood.

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Height adjustment 700mm and 1000mm


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