Turtle Bath Support

The Turtle is our new innovative, lightweight bath support, which is an easy and safe way to support paediatrics and small adults whilst bathing.

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Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Sits low in the bath
  • Very adjustable
  • Range of sizes available
  • Up to 80kg weight capacity

The Turtle Bath Support is a simple and innovative solution for bathing paediatrics and small adults. With adjustable pads and support belts for the head, pelvis and lower limbs, the Turtle ensures comfort and safety. The Turtle is also equipped with tension adjustable mesh that moulds to the user’s posture.

The Turtle is designed to withstand the bathing environment; it is manufactured from aluminium, which prevents rusting, and the solid tubed frame will not float or fill with water.  The lightweight design makes it extremely easy to place in and remove from the bath.  The Turtle can even be folded away when not in use, making it ideal for small spaces and shared bathrooms.

A mouldable vacuum support cushion can also be purchased separately to provide an exceptional level of postural support for the user.  Available in 5 sizes you will be able to find a perfect fit for the support you require.

Supplied with: 

  • Head support
  • Leg straps
  • Trunk support











Dimension Measurement Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
A Product width 35cm 40cm 40cm 45cm 50cm
B Seat depth 22cm 25cm 28cm 33cm 35cm
C Headrest height 19cm 22cm 26cm 30cm 33cm
C1 Backrest height 28cm 33cm 37cm 43cm 50cm
C2 Lower leg length 24cm 28cm 31cm 36cm 41cm
B + C2 Seat depth with lower leg length 46cm 53cm 59cm 69cm 79cm
C + C1 Headrest height with backrest height 47cm 55cm 63cm 73cm 83cm
Z Footrest angle (relative to the seat) 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg
Z1 Backrest tilt angle (relative to the seat) 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg 90 – 180 deg
Z2 Headrest angle (relative to the backrest) 144 – 234 deg 144 – 234 deg 144 – 234 deg 144 – 234 deg 144 – 234 deg
  Max. user weight 30kg 50kg 60kg 70kg 80kg
 W Indicative user height* < 80cm < 90cm < 100cm < 120cm < 160cm

















Weight & dimensions Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Width 35cm 40cm 40cm 45cm 50cm
Width folded 35cm 40cm 40cm 45cm 50cm
Length 72cm 83cm 93cm 105cm 114cm
Length folded 50cm 60cm 66cm 76cm 86cm
Height 50cm 57cm 60cm 64cm 67cm
Height folded 23cm 23cm 23cm 23cm 23cm
Weight 3.0kg 3.6kg 3.8kg 5.0kg 5.8kg



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