IndiGo electric tilt and height adjustment shower chairs

Powered assisted shower chairs for increased independence and reduced carer needs

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With the Drive powered shower chair, we allow for independence within the home. Not only can this eliminate the need for a care assistant, but it also allows for persons to be able to carry out personal tasks independently. 

The Drive powered shower chair will also make it easier when caring for heavier patients and when having to move someone over carpets or thresholds.

Electric height adjustment within a shower chair will assist with showering and other hygiene routines carried out by one caregiver. This facilitates personal one-to-one interactions and reduces the risk of injury by the care giver as they are able to work at the correct height.

Height adjustment allows for easier side transfers and requires less assistance from the carer. The IndiGo shower chairs with a powered height function are indicated with the letter 'H'.

It is very difficult to hoist the users bottom to the back of the chair when there is no tilt in space function.

The powered tilt in space reduces the risk of sliding out of the chair and provides more support for the user to become more independent as they rely less on the need for personal help whilst sitting. The ability to tilt forward can also maintain or even restore functioning and mobility. The IndiGo shower chairs with a powered tilt function are indicated with the letter 'T'.

IndiGo Shower Chairs

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