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Adult shower trolleys to suit any environment - they look and work just as well in the home environment as multi-user locations such as leisure centres and hospitals.

Adult Shower Trolleys

Wave Profiling Shower Trolley
Adult Barella Shower Trolley
Coral Shower Trolley - Electric
Coral Shower Trolley - Hydraulic

We have been using our Barella trolleys for nearly two years.  We have had other trolleys in the past, but both our clients and users feel more secure and comfortable in the Barella range due to their stable and strong construction.  We can also recommend the Barella for use in humid environments.  Our trolleys are situated in very humid areas.  The trolleys we had previously showed signs of rusting within a short space of time, the Barella’s we have show no signs of rust even after being in situ for nearly two years.

Further, we would highly recommend the services of Wealden Rehab.  If we have needed any advice or problem solving, they have always given us quick responses and have been most helpful.

Barella- Carehome, Sutton

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