Wave Profiling Shower Trolley

Innovative profiling shower trolley giving a new level of support and flexibility to those needing care.

The Wave is our all new shower trolley with maximum support and comfort for the user. Featuring fully electric platform profiling, you can optimise the position of the user at the touch of a button. The handset also controls the height adjustment and allows platform tilt both in Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg directions.

A favourite feature of the Wave is the generous platform width, measuring 1900mm x 650mm internally (2130mm x 810mm external), which will accommodate most users. You can safely lock all castors from one pedal, which gives excellent stability to this sturdy trolley even when working close to its 250kg weight capacity.

The Wave trolley is a premium solution for bathing in multi-user environments, yet aesthetically designed to look good in the home.

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Key features

Unique four section profiling platform

Height adjustable 510mm-910mm

Extendable platform

Electric tilt and profiling

Central braking system

150mm cators - easy to manoeuvre

250kg safe working load


Experience the next level of bathing with our innovative Wave Profiling Shower Trolley. Designed to cater to diverse user needs, this trolley offers a versatile and user-friendly bathing solution. Its exceptional features make it an ideal choice for both multi-user environments and home settings.

Unparalleled Versatility:

The Wave shower trolley can be used like a traditional shower trolley, providing a comfortable and familiar bathing experience, but also goes above and beyond by offering profiling capabilities. Its four-section platform can be easily adjusted to accommodate specific user requirements, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Designed for Demanding Environments:

Built with steel construction, our trolley is engineered to withstand rigorous usage in demanding environments. Every trolley goes through a stringent anti-rust process that enhances its durability and makes it resilient to the challenges of long-term use. Rest assured, our trolley will remain in top condition, even in the toughest conditions.

Enhanced Caregiver Experience:

We understand the importance of caregiver convenience. That's why our trolley features a central braking system, enabling caregivers to manoeuvre and position the trolley effortlessly. With this user-friendly feature, caregivers can focus on providing exceptional care without any unnecessary hassle.

Customizable Height Adjustments:

The Wave Trolley offers an impressive range of platform height adjustment, ranging from 510mm to 910mm. Electrically controlled, these height adjustments cater to various user preferences and ensure optimal accessibility and comfort during the bathing process.

Smooth and Effortless Mobility:

Equipped with 150mm castors, our trolley provides seamless movement, allowing caregivers to navigate through different spaces with ease. The central locking system ensures stability and safety while in use, providing peace of mind to both caregivers and users.

Uncompromised Strength:

Safety is our top priority. With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 250kg, our trolley surpasses most other trolleys in terms of weight capacity. You can trust that our trolley will provide robust and secure support during bathing sessions.

Exceptional Quality and Hygiene:

The stainless steel siderails not only contribute to the trolley's strength and durability but also ensure excellent hygiene standards. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for maintaining a clean and safe bathing environment.

See It in Action:

For a demonstration of the Wave Profiling Shower Trolley's user-friendly features, check out our video tab on this page. Additionally, we offer on-site demonstrations and assessments throughout the UK, ensuring you can experience the trolley's benefits firsthand.


Platform Size

2030 (to 2130) x 810 mm

Safe working load:


Adjustable height

510 - 910mm

Height adjustment control: 


Total weight of trolley:


Castor diameter:


Castor locking system:


Folding side rails:


Backrest adjustment

52 degrees

Trendelenburg tilt:

2 degrees

Anti Trendelenburg tilt:

10 degrees

Drain hose length:

700mm to 2000mm

Rail Height:



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