Secure-Fit Sling, Mesh, Alto

Secure-Fit Sling, Polyester, Universal leg design.

The Secure-Fit is a very supportive and comfortable sling from the comprehensive Alto range

Product Code: S1041

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Key features

Embroidered sling information label does not wash out with laundry

Adjustable lifting position

Colour coded lifting loops

Available in Polyester or Mesh fabrics a standard

Washable at 85° for infection control

High weight capacity across all model sizes

Application pocket helps with sliding sling down to the base of the spine

XXS-XL 200kg SWL


The Alto Secure-Fit patient sling is a universal sling, shaped to provide separate leg supports, allowing a much easier application.

This product encourages good hip positioning, whilst providing total body support throughout the lifting procedure.

Our fabrics, cuts and sizes are developed to suit most patient demographics, whilst encouraging use in all healthcare environments.

AltoSlings Secure-Fit is easy to apply from both the lying & sitting positions and is available in a range of sizes.

Also available in an in-situ design - the Natural-Fit sling - click here.

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