Armrest Lock Kit

For RAZ Rehab Shower Chair, pair (not for AP600)

Order Code: N676

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Key features

Evaluation justifications

The armrest lock kit can be used for users that need fixed arm support. This is important for users that need to readjust themselves using the armrests. If the arms move when they are readjusted this can cause uneasiness and lead to reduced confidence and independence in the chair. By locking the arm there is a solid support that will not move when the user is adjusting themselves. The lock kit can also be useful for users that may have behavioural needs. When a user is moving the armrest up and down this can lead to difficulty for carers trying to wash or reduce the user's focus on the task when using the chair. When the lock kit is applied, the arms can still be flipped up to the side by using the lever at the rear of the armrest.


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