Struggling to find the right product?

See how the RAZ AT600 provided the required support while facilitating easy transfers.


When seeking a shower chair for a bariatric user, the OT had 3 key requirements:

  1. Accommodates the required weight
  2. Simplifies sliding transfers as well as hoisting
  3. Features tilt-in-space

The user was waiting to be discharged from a care home, and was only waiting on the right shower chair.


The OT had been looking at different chairs but had been unable to find a solution that properly met these needs. Standard chairs were too high for safe, comfortable sliding transfers; available lower models not offering the tilt-in-space required to position the user properly.


The RAZ AT600 is renowned for its adaptability, ease of use and comfort – and perfectly met the user’s needs.

We provided a special chair that was lower than standard while still retaining the tilt-in-space functionality. And because the RAZ is height adjustable, it can be recycled easily even though it’s custom-made for this user – it’s simple to adjust in order to meet the precise needs of future patients.

The weight assist spring system (WASS) is an impressive feature that makes it simple for carers to manually tilt the chair up and down, even with users up to 275 kg. Even small carers can therefore manage a bariatric user with ease.

The adjustable straps on the back rest provide superior comfort, postural support and pressure relief. With the straps loosened, the back rest accommodates the user’s size effectively, ensuring there’s proper support through the back and seat. As a result, there’s no slumping or sitting forward, and the pelvis and ischial tuberosities remain ideally positioned for toileting.

We delivered the customised chair in just 3 weeks – 2 weeks faster than the OT had anticipated – which meant the user could return home more quickly.

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