RAZ Front Support Bar

The Front Support Bar provides greater comfort, stability, security and to assist in weight shifts. The padded, aluminum bar is secured in place with molded, rubber hold-downs, which allow for easy installation and removal. The bar can be fitted on RAZ chairs with standard arm pads and a variety of back widths.

Order Codes:

N5797-16 - Compatible with 16" backrest
N5797-18- Compatible with 18" backrest
N5797-20- Compatible with 20" backrest


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Key features

Evaluation justifications

The front support bar is a padded aluminium bar that is fitted onto the standard armrest pads. The support bar is useful for those that need to shift their weight using a bar in front of them instead of the armrests to the side. The support bar can also be used for users that feel the need for extra security on the chair, having the front support bar can reduce any concerns that the user may feel when in the chair about being able to fall out of the chair from the front.

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