Swing-away Lateral Supports

Provides fully-adjustable trunk support. Pads are available in two styles/sizes.

One of our most popular accessories, the swing-away lateral supports fit all RAZ chairs (providing you have the Adjustaback). When the laterals are not in use, or when doing a transfer, they can be folded around behind the backrest where they lock into position. Designed to be flexible, the height and between pads can be adjusted, which is particularly useful in multi-user environments, or when the user is growing.

Order Codes:

N690PS – Small Depth-Adjustable Pad

N690PL – Large Depth-Adjustable Pad

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Key features

Swing away laterals

Fold and lock behind the backrest when not in use

Flexible pads, available in two sizes, small (for paediatric chairs) and medium for adult and bariatric chairs

Height and width adjustable

Can be retro-fitted to all RAZ Adjustaback backrests



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