Raz SP-LOW Shower Chair

Building on the benefits of the Raz SP, the SP-Low shower wheelchair offers a lower seat height option.

The SP-Low is multi-adjustable chair with a range of seat heights, seat depths, armrest heights and backrest angle adjustments as standard which allows movement within the frame to best suit the patient and the environment. The use of IPAS (Ischial pelvic alignment system), allows the commode seat aperture to be comfortably centered around the ischial tuberosities for clients with a posterior or anterior rotated pelvis.

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Key features

  • Stainless steel chassis for durability
  • Height adjustable seat between 16" and 18"
  • Tension adjustable backrest - supports posture and provides lateral support
  • Flip-up armrests for excellent access
  • IPAS Seat System - adjust the seat depth to achieve optimum aperture positioning
  • Side access frame as standard (for use with side opening seat module option)

The RAZ SP-Low Shower Commode Chair comes standard with 50mm of height adjustment, an adjustable tension adjustable fabric backrest, 125mm dual-locking casters and flip-up padded armrests. The easy-to-clean, stainless steel frame is designed for easy side and front access by the user or attendant.
RAZ Shower Commode Chairs offer much more than you would expect, with comfort, seating, access, and adjustability a priority. The stainless steel frame design provides easy side/front access for users or caregivers.
All modules come standard with adjustable tension fabric backrest 125mm dual-locking casters, flip-up padded armrests, and a ultra-soft moulded commode seat for added comfort.


Max Patient Weight 157kg / 25 stone
Overall width 675mm
Seat height 400/425/450mm
Overall depth 760mm


Very impressed with the RAZ Shower Chair. Competitively priced and good innovation.

RAZ- Occupational Therapist, South Essex

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