Wide Armpad

The wide armpad offers a wider surface for the users arm. Adjustable in position for depth and angle.

Product Code: N679

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Key features

  • Large pad 350mm x 80mm 
  • Plenty of adjustment
  • Compatible with all chairs in the RAZ range

Evaluation justifications

The wide arm pad is used to give the user a wider surface area to support their forearm. The wide arm pad can be fitted into three separate positions; inside of the armrest post, the centre of the armrest post, and outside of the armrest post. The armrest pad can be moved so that it is in the correct position to offer the user the most support. By using a wide arm pad compared to the standard, the pressure a user puts through the arm pad will be more widely distributed and prevent any build-up of pressure. This is particularly useful for users that put a lot of weight through the arms of the chair.


Size 350mm x 80mm 


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