Pivoting Arm Mounts

Pivoting arm mounts allow the armrest to flip-up when using lateral support and a wider armpad together. A sprung-loaded mechanism allows the armrest to fold to the side before folding the arm. 

Product Code: N683

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Key features

Evaluation justifications

The pivoting arm mount is a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the armrest to rotate 90° and flip up next to the backrest. This armrest mount is used with wide arm pads and moulded trough arm pads. The pivoting armrest mount is needed if the wide/moulded arm pads are set on the centre or inside position as without this armrest mount the arm pads will not be able to get past the backrest post. The pivoting armrest mount allows the user to have the armrest pads in the correct position for them but also allows for the armrest to be flipped up for ease of use and transfers.

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