Reclining AdjustaBack

For RAZ Shower Chair, 50cm height, with adjustable flip-up armrests. Reclines to 30°. NB Chassis Tilt will be limited to 25°

Order Code: N2622

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Key features

  • NB Chassis Tilt will be limited to 25°
  • Reclines to 30°

Evaluation justifications

The reclining backrest is used for those that need additional backrest recline. An adjustable recline of up to 30° can allow users to sit in the chair when they are not able to achieve a standard 90° sitting position. If users have fixed hip flexion then the backrest can be placed in a reclined position to transfer into the chair. This can also be used for those that require additional recline to open their bowels into a commode pan. The tilt in space is limited to 25° when using the reclining backrest due to the centre of mass movement.

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