The RAZ ATP tilting shower chair is an excellent solution, even when there are seating challenges with smaller users.

The adjustability of the ATP tilting shower chair proves it is a worthwhile investment

Adjustability with support and comfort

When it comes to shower chairs, we often talk about the importance of adjustability, postural support, pressure relief and comfort - this is particularly important when it comes to paediatric users. In this situation, we were contacted by an OT because the mother of an 8-year old boy was struggling to find a chair that met his complex needs. Our product advisor visited to go through the challenges and requirements and recommended the RAZ ATP shower chair as the solution.

When we turned up, the mother explained that the existing shower chair had been fine, until her son, Sam* had extensive hip surgery. Since this, the chair hadn't been comfortable and Sam was no longer safe. They had tried other chairs, but they only just fitted him, and the family were worried they wouldn't last very long. They wanted something that would grow with him.

The RAZ ATP was trialed and it was great. Sam was not straightforward to seat, but they were very impressed with the results. The padding and support were in the correct place, and the lateral and side supports made him feel more secure. Added to this there was plenty of potential for the chair to be adjusted - mums comments were this -

'The RAZ should grow with him and can be adjusted quite easily, even with small things. Like the laterals – we can adjust them ourselves. We can also adjust the height for different toilets if we need to.'

Learn more about the RAZ ATP paediatric hygiene chair with tilt-in-space. It’s a multi-adjustable chair with a range of seat heights and depths, armrest heights and backrest angle adjustments as standard, so it meets your user’s precise needs – now and as they grow.

*Clients name has been changed to protect identity

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