A Raz SP-Low offered the perfect solution to a challenging transfer

The client was short in stature and wanted to do a standing transfer from her shower chair. 

The OT was finding it difficult to find anyone that could solve the clients' requirements until she asked Wealden Rehab. 

Requesting a 17" seat height to facilitate a standing transfer whilst retaining the self-propel option, the OT was being met with negative responses from all her regular shower wheelchair providers. 

Doing the assessment, Matthew found the client not only required the low seat height but would benefit from a longer armrest to encourage a better posture whilst standing.

Our solution was to provide the Raz SP-Low chair with a 20" rear wheel and a custom arm-tube with a wide arm pad providing a firm and flat surface to push down on, level with the front of the seat. The custom arm-tube still allowed for the arm to pivot upwards to maximise access in the shower.

One of the benefits of the RAZ SP-Low is that we still maintain some height adjustment within the frame, providing a height range of 16"-18". Another benefit is that the chair comes with castors in the rear frame tubes, acting as an anti-tip but also providing an easy solution for any client looking to move to an attendant-propelled chair in the future.




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