Coral Maxi 90 Shower Trolley

The Coral Maxi 90 Shower Trolley - offering the most generous usable platform size alongside a 250kg capacity

Product codes

Electric: N7208  Hydraulic: N7209

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Key features

Usable platform dimensions - 2000mm x 900mm

External platform dimensions - 2160mm x 1060mm

250kg safe working load

Electric actuation

Central braking

The Coral Maxi 90 shower trolley is a new design, offering our most generous size platform - measuring 900mm internally for width which provides a great surface for rolling and bathing. Adjusted for height electrically through the handset control, the Coral Maxi 90 is a very stable trolley delivering great comfort to the user. It can be used in multi-user environments, as well as looking great in the home setting. 

The frame is steel construction with an antibacterial hard wearing paint finish, whilst the siderails are constructed of stainless steel. 

Draining the trolley is very easy, through the extendable flexible drain hose, which at 200cm maximum length can be attached to a floor drain, or to a sink or toilet. 

Semi cylindrical pillow included.


Platform Size

2160 x 1060mm

Internal Platform Size

2000 x 900mm

Safe working load:


Adjustable height

550 - 990mm

Height adjustment control: 

Electric & Hydraulic

Total weight of trolley:

110kg / 112kg

Castor diameter:


Castor locking system:


Folding side rails:


Backrest adjustment


Trendelenburg tilt:


Anti-Trendelenburg tilt:

5 degrees

Drain hose length:

700mm to 2000mm

Mattress height (on siderails)


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