Wide Top Adult Barella Shower Trolley

The Wide-Top Barella is a unique variation that combines the bariatric style width, but with the weight capacity of the standard shower trolley. This shower trolley has an excellent design offering stability, with the generous platform width and easy access of the user for the caregiver. It also allows even the most complex of people to be showered safetly with the support of carers.  

Instead of having to opt for the bariatric version of the Barella, this model has the standard adult base with the wide top. The wider top promotes space for rolling of the user and access to complete personal procedures.

It also provides more space for users with cognitive or behavioural issues who may become anxious when situated in an enclosed area.

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Order Code: BR32C3122 (Manual) or BR32D3122 (Electric)

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Key features

  • Extremely stable platform
  • Anti-corrosion process that makes the Barella suitable for the toughest environments
  • Very generous platform size (90cm width, giving 80cm usable width)
  • Very strong stainless steel side rails – and higher than commonly found on trolleys allowing the Barella to be used as a shallow bath if required
  • Folding side rails as standard
  • Adjustable height between 610mm – 1000mm
  • Single-handed plug operation
  • Hygienic shower hose design
  • Good stocks, available for express delivery
  • Bespoke options available - please call our sales office

The Barella is the product of many years of research, fine tuning and critical observation. The latest range of shower trolleys is designed to offer stability, comfort and convenience. As well as the host of features and options on the trolley, we offer express delivery on our trolleys. Tried and tested in even the most demanding environments, our trolleys can be expected to outlast other trolleys and are even designed to be used in humid environments such as leisure centres and swimming pools.

The Adult Barella is the most popular in the range, and this model boasts the extra-wide platform as found on the bariatric model. Ideal for users who need the additional platform width, but are within the 180kg weight capacity of this trolley.

Bespoke trolleys are also available - please email or call to discuss the combinations available on 01634 813388.


Platfrom Size 2020 x 900 mm

Safe working load:


Height adjustment control: 

Hydraulic / Battery

Total weight of trolley:


Castor diameter:

125mm / 150mm

Castor locking system:

Individual / Central

Directional locking castor:


Folding side rails :


Trendelenburg tilt:

12 degrees

Anti Trendelenburg tilt:

5 degrees

Drain hose length:


IP Protection


Power Supply

220v, 500Ma to Battery Charger

Electrical Safety

Onboard circuit - 24v

Rail Height:



Download a SketchUp file of the Barella here


We have been using our Barella trolleys for nearly two years.  We have had other trolleys in the past, but both our clients and users feel more secure and comfortable in the Barella range due to their stable and strong construction.  We can also recommend the Barella for use in humid environments.  Our trolleys are situated in very humid areas.  The trolleys we had previously showed signs of rusting within a short space of time, the Barella’s we have show no signs of rust even after being in situ for nearly two years.

Further, we would highly recommend the services of Wealden Rehab.  If we have needed any advice or problem solving, they have always given us quick responses and have been most helpful.

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