Discover the GoLift

GoLift is the ideal ceiling lift for routine patient transfers. Protecting your greatest investment from long-term damage, the GolIft provides carers everywhere the ability to move and handle patients with ease and confidence.



GoLift is available in three models:

GoLift 400 - our standard lifting module with a 28st/181kg SWL

GoLift 450 - our compact lifting module with a 32st / 205kg SWL 

GoLift 700 - our heavy-duty module with a 50st/318kg SWL

GoLift 1000 - a truly bariatric dual-unit module with a 72st/454kg SWL

All the modules benefit from

  • comprehensive 3 year warranty
  • compact size for maximum lifting height
  • in-rail charging to reduce battery failures, 
  • high capacity NiMH battery packs,
  • touch-sensitive hand control
  • a selection of quick-release spreader bars.

Various accessories and track options are available to ensure that the solution you need can be provided - turntables, XY (room cover) trolleys and transition gates are the most popular.

Our GoTrack rails are finished in a matt white to blend in with the ceilings and feature internal stopends for a clean finish. Three track profiles are used to maximise flexibility. Our smallest track is just 60mm deep and contributes to the compact installed dimensions.

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